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SSSCU NOT Affected by "Heartbleed" Open SSL Vulnerability

Silver State Schools Credit Union was not affected by the "Heartbleed" OpenSSL vulnerability announced April 7th, 2014. Please be assured, your accounts are safe. You may have heard of companies applying ‘patches’ to mitigate exposure.  However, Silver State Schools Credit Union’s systems have never been at risk, making such steps unnecessary.

We take a serious, proactive approach to protecting your personal data. Both our internal audit and an independent third party have confirmed your personal financial information, our website, and both our online banking and mobile banking were completely unaffected by "Heartbleed".

We have contacted all of our partner networks. At this time, each response has been positive -- your data was never at risk. Should your account or debit card information prove to be vulnerable, we want you to know that Silver State Schools Credit Union vigorously pursues fraud and we completely stand behind our Visa Debit Card's "Zero Liability" guarantee.

Technical Details:

Basic Internet Safety:

SSSCU Not Affected by "Heartbleed"
Release Date: 4/10/2014

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