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Online Banking Malware

It has come to our attention that there is malware currently circulating which imitates online banking. SSSCU does not use pop-ups to sell you services or to entice you to purchase any products from us. We do not sell "free" credit reports.Unwarranted pop-ups are malware.

We DO use pop-ups for services, like eStatements, ePay, and eNotices.

If you unintentionally install this malware, please contact a reputable computer repair professional. You should NEVER give out any personal information to an unsolicited pop-up, phone call, text or e-mail. SSSCU WILL NEVER ASK YOU FOR SUCH INFORMATION. In the event you have already relinquished this information, please contact SSSCU immediately by dialing our Call Center at 800.357.9654.
online banking malware
Release Date: 7/21/2014

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