Silver State Schools Credit Union
The Credit Union will be closed November 23rd & 24th in observance of Thanksgiving Day and Family Day.The Credit Union will be closed November 23rd & 24th in observance of Thanksgiving Day and Family Day.
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About Us

We've changed our look! We are starting off the new year with a sleek new logo which encompasses the past, present and exciting future of the Credit Union. Our new logo, a marriage of the State of Nevada and an apple, is a nod to both our great state and the educational community which is our primary field of membership. Along with our new logo we are excited to introduce a vision statement and our core values.

Vision Statement

"Silver State Schools Credit Union strives to be the premier financial services provider in Nevada."

Core Values

The following core values are our guiding principles and lead us to the achievement of our mission.

Service Success
Member First
PROfessional Knowledge

Who We Are

Silver State Schools Credit Union, founded in 1951, is a premier financial cooperative owned and operated by its members. With locations throughout the Las Vegas valley, we continue to provide a quality banking alternative for people like you, your fellow employees and families. Our commitment to our members is reflected in our Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission Statement

"Excellent Member Service and Financial Solutions - for Life!"

Our History

On December 2, 1950, seven members submitted an organization certificate to form "Clark County Teachers Federal Credit Union". On January 2, 1951 approval was received and the Credit Union was in business.

Each of the seven members invested $5.00, bringing the total assets to $35.00

The initial Board of Directors consisted of Jay Jeffers, President; Doris French, Vice President; Harold McKay, Treasurer; Gordon Flack, Clerk; and Milder Heyer, Director. The books and records of the credit union were said to be kept at Box 551, Las Vegas High School, 315 South 7th Street, Las Vegas, NV.

Our Founder

The person who was generally considered the founder of this organization was Harold McKay.

Harold McKay hailed from Kansas and became a Clark County teacher in the 1940's. He taught business education at Las Vegas High School and also at Rancho. Harold can be described as an organizer and a doer. Every initiative he undertook automatically received a full measure of his own time and effort. Harold provided the impetus to get the credit union organized. He served on the Board as Treasurer and, also, as the non-paid manager of the fledgling Credit Union. In fact, the briefcase on display at the main office at 4221 McLeod Drive was the portable credit union office from 1951-1956. Members could access the Credit Union anytime just by locating Harold and his briefcase. It can be said that Harold never lost interest in the Credit Union he founded in 1951. Until his death, he was a regular attendee at all annual meetings. He lived the idea of credit unions: "Once a member always a member".

What this small group of visionaries, especially Harold McKay, endeavored to do in 1951 is still in practice today; as the Credit Union continues to strive to deliver "Excellent Member Service" to its members.

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