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Getting Ready for College

College is an exciting time for new adventures. For many people, it represents financial independence... and some real-world financial challenges.

Gear up for college expenses

From late night pizza runs and must-see concerts to buying text books and paying tuition, there's no doubt that money is a huge part of the college experience (read Big Money on Campus). So how do you pay for all these expenses? That's where your Credit Union comes in.

With MY Account, members 18 to 25 years old have access to the financial services needed for life. Grab a bite to eat, buy lab supplies or pay tuition online with our e-Checking & Visa® Debit Card combo. Our e-Checking account is handled entirely online, so it doesn't matter if you attend UNLV, UNR, NYU or UCLA ... your account is always a click away.

Stress-free finances

College life can be hectic. With constant studying, reading and exams, you don't need one more thing to worry about. That's why we recommend e-Access Online Banking, e-Mobile Banking and e-Alerts.

You'll always know how much money you have, when checks clear, when money has been deposited, and a whole lot more. We even offer e-Statements -- electronic statements, not paper -- so you can receive your statement of account no matter how many times you move.

Expect the unexpected

Need a way to have your parents transfer money into your account in a pinch? No problem. They can simply transfer money from their Credit Union account to yours... instantly! It's quick, easy and free using e-Access Online Banking.

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