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SSSCU New Teacher Loan

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1SSSCU membership requires a $25 opening deposit in an adult membership savings account. Deluxe Detect verification is required to obtain both a membership and checking account at SSSCU. If you wish to take advantage of the SSSCU New Teacher Loan you must provide the Credit Union with proof of hire with CCSD. The SSSCU New Teacher Loan requires full-time licensed educator employment with a contract beginning in the current school year. The SSSCU New Teacher Loan also requires a checking and savings account in good standing, not currently in bankruptcy proceedings or prior bankruptcy discharged within two years. You must disclose any lawsuits pending, judgements filed, or alimony, or child support awards against you. Additional educational employee loan discounts do not apply to this loan. Only one open teacher loan can be on an account.

**Applicants who have previously had a Silver State Schools Credit Union loan or share charge-off that has not been fully paid back are not eligible for this loan opportunity.





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