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This Children’s Privacy Policy (“Policy”) is intended to help children and their parents/guardians understand how Silver State Schools Credit Union collects, uses, and shares Children’s information in accordance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”). Below we will explain our Policy and some key terms you should know.

Parents/Guardians – This page is our Privacy Policy for Children under the age of 18 where we outline key information that can help you and your Child understand how SSSCU will protect their information. Please review this Policy with your Child. We have included a section on Parent’s/Guardian’s Rights that provides instructions on how you can exercise your rights under COPPA. This page, along with the Privacy Notice, is designed to help you understand how SSSCU manages privacy, and the rights you have as the Parent/Guardian.

Children – This page was created to help you learn about privacy and to explain the steps we take to keep your personal information safe and secure. We recommend that you read this with your parent/guardian.

What is a Children’s Privacy Policy?
On this page, we will explain some important things that SSSCU wants you to know when you are using our website and/or mobile app. We may need to update this page from time to time when laws change. When we do, you will see the date at the top of the page change.

Terms that will help me understand this Policy.

  • Account – your savings share, checking share, debit card or other product you may have.
  • Child or Children – anyone under the age of 18
  • Conditions – the promises made to use SSSCU Services
  • Information/Data – facts about you and your account
  • Parent/Guardian – the adult person who set up the account with you
  • Policy – this website and any documents provided
  • Privacy – any information that you provide that you do not want to be disclosed
  • Services – the accounts offered to you through SSSCU’s online website or mobile app
  • Terms – the rules and guidelines that are provided to you for using SSSCU’s Services
  • SSSCU, We, Our, or Us – Silver State Schools Credit Union

What kind of information is collected?

  • Personal Information is information that we collect that helps us identify you, such as; your name, your birthdate, and your address. We may ask you for this information when you contact Us to help you with your account.
  • Other Account Data is information about how you use your account. This information can tell Us the location of your mobile device, mobile telephone number, debit card number or other payment information. This type of information is collected when you make a purchase or sign into your account online. Data can also help Us understand how you use your account.

Why does SSSCU need this information from me?
We collect this information, so you can view your account. We do not use your information other than to identify you when you ask Us for help with your account.

How long is my information kept?

Credit Unions have rules that we must follow that tell Us how long we may keep your information and when we need to delete it. Your information is deleted when it is allowed or if your parent/guardian asks Us to.

Who do you share my information with?

Your personal information is only shared with employees or companies that need to know for reasons specific to the Services you have with Us.

What can Parents/Guardians see and do?

As the owner/co-owner of your account, your Parent can see what you do with your account including how and when you use it. This means they can see and get alerts when you buy something or use the ATM. They are also able to control how much money you spend or where you spend it.

For children under 13, your Parent owns the account, so they decide how we contact you. This allows them to control any contact information like phone numbers or email addresses that we might use to communicate. You are not able to change this information yourself until you are old enough to have your own account.

For children 13 and older, you have more options, but if a Parent is a co-owner, they can still see your activity. In some cases, laws allow your Parent to do more things like ask us to not contact you or ask for your information to be removed.

Privacy Rights

Parents/Guardians have rights under COPPA (for children under 13) listed below.

  • Refuse to allow further contact with your Child;
  • Review and update the personal information online for your Child;
  • Refuse to allow further collection, use or maintenance of the personal information of your Child;
  • Request to have your Child’s personal information deleted;
  • Request to have the Parent’s/Guardian’s online information deleted.

For General Privacy Questions or Concerns

Write to:
Silver State Schools Credit Union
P.O. Box 12037
Las Vegas, NV 89112-0037


Call: Toll-Free (800.357.9654) or locally at 702.733.8820