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Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement

Silver State Schools Credit Union is committed to protecting your privacy. View our complete Privacy Policy in our Membership Booklet.


In order to provide optimal security, performance and reliability, this service requires that cookies be enabled on your web browser. Cookies are a small piece of information that a web server can store on your browser so the system recognizes your actions during a session.

As you browse the internet, some cookies are "set" on your Web browser. For example, cookies are used to store preferences you have requested on frequently visited websites. When you close your browser, some cookies are stored in your computer's memory in a cookie file, while some expire immediately. All cookies have expiration dates.

Cookies cannot be used to obtain data from your computer, get your e-mail address or access sensitive or personal information. The only way that any private information could be part of your cookie file would be if you personally provided that information to a website. Also, each cookie can only be read at the site where the cookie was created.

Surfing Safely and Securely

Silver State Schools Credit Union is committed to providing you with an enjoyable online experience. Clicking through our website will provide you with comprehensive information on our financial products and services, as well as ensure that the privacy and security of your personal information is protected.

How Secure Is Silver State Schools Credit Union's Online Banking?
Silver State Schools Credit Union uses technology that encrypts or disguises all information during your Silver State Schools Credit Union online session. If someone were to intercept your data, it would be meaningless and impossible to read or change.

To ensure that your information is secure at all times, Silver State Schools Credit Union runs Online Banking (e-Access) on a secure server utilizing SSL encryption.

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption?

SSL encryption technology emerged as the industry standard for securing data while it travels across the Internet. SSL is used worldwide in online stores, credit unions, banks, and an all other Web sites where information from an individual needs to be kept confidential.

Your information is guaranteed confidentiality through the encryption or scrambling process and cannot be decrypted by anyone but you. If an encrypted message is somehow intercepted, it will be unreadable by the third party.

Silver State Schools Credit Union has been certified with a secure certificate from VeriSign to communicate with you, the member, with SSL technology. Digital certificates act as a digital ID that users or computers are authentic.

Third-Party Links

Silver State Schools Credit Union does not endorse or guarantee the products, information, or recommendations provided by linked sites. Silver State Schools Credit Union is not liable for any failure of products or services advertised on linked sites. Third-party websites may provide less online security than the Silver State Schools Credit Union website. And further, each third-party link may have a privacy policy different than your Credit Union; thus we encourage you to review each privacy policy for your own protection.

Click here for a printable version of the Privacy Statement.