Students discussing how to prepare for college life.


Practical advice on how to manage your money during college so you can enjoy this new adventure!

Prepare for the Ultimate College Experience

From late night pizza runs and must-see concerts to buying textbooks and paying tuition, there’s no doubt that money is a huge part of the college experience. For many people, it represents new-found independence and your first exposure to real-world financial challenges. There’s no time like the present to learn how to prepare for college life.

Prioritizing smart financial choices in the beginning can set you up for a bright financial future!

Before heading off to school, make sure you are equipped with a reliable account that will give you quick access to funds and money-management tools.

Gear up for college expenses

MYAccount Checking for members ages 18 to 25, will give you access to the financial services needed for college life. Make purchases in-person and online with a Visa® Debit Card and access thousands of ATMs nationwide.

Student learning how to prepare for college life.
Aside from day-to-day spending, it’s important to also have some money set aside just in case your laptop decides to crash mid-semester or you want to join a campus club that requires membership fees. MYAccount Savings is another easy way to keep your cash close without being as tempted to spend it.

Stress-free finances

College life can be a whirlwind of late nights, research papers, and nerve-wracking exams. Why complicate your schedule when you can manage your money when it’s most convenient for you? Monitor account balances with Online Banking and download our Mobile Banking App to your favorite device to enjoy an even greater banking convenience.

Expect the unexpected

Need a way to have your parents transfer money into your account in a pinch? No problem. They can simply transfer money from their Credit Union account to yours – instantly! It’s quick, easy, and free using Online Banking.

For many students, college is the first time they are off on their own and making their own financial decisions. Enjoy the adventures that this stage of life brings while striving to make smart money choices. If you have questions about choosing an account or using our range of resources, contact us today!


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