Discover our President’s vision for Silver State School’s Credit Union, driving excellence and member satisfaction.

As a member-owned credit union with a wide range of financial products and resources, Silver State Schools Credit Union is positioned to make a difference in the lives of those we serve and meet each and every day.

Recently, we refreshed our Core Values and Vision Statement in an effort to better reflect our long-standing commitment to the members and communities we serve. Each aspect represents how we strive to honor the trust you – our valued members – continually place in us. These guiding principles direct how we strengthen and enhance our institution.

Core Values - “SMART PRO”

Service Success – We will consistently provide a high level of service to our members.

Member First – We will place the needs of our members first.

Accountability – We will be accountable to every member, every day.

Respect – We will respect and value the trust you place in us as your financial services advocates.

TeamUnity – A hybrid term for “teamwork” and “community”. We will dedicate ourselves to working together as a team for the betterment of our members and the community we serve.

PROfessional Knowledge – We will be professional, knowledgeable and skilled regarding the financial products and services we offer, so we can be trusted advisors to our members.



“Silver State Schools Credit Union strives to be the premier financial services provider in Nevada.”

Whether we are assisting members at our branches or volunteering for local organizations, our focus remains fixed on improving the prosperity of the people throughout the region.

Thank you for trusting Silver State Schools Credit Union to be your financial partner. We look forward to finding new and better ways to deliver Excellent Member Service and Financial Solutions – For Life!

Scott A. Arkills, President/CEO


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